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SMT Splice Tool TL102

SMT Splice Tool TL102

Product Name SMT Splice Tool TL102
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Product Description

1、Work with new designed frame-type clip。Load one frame(20pcs clips) / time。
    a:Less clips loading work,higher efficiency 
    b:No copper waste,more safe & enviromental
    c:Quality gurantee with KHJ patent

2、With Buckle "C"。Buffer the operation force。
   a:Buffer the operation force to reduce the wear of tool and longer its uselife
   b:Reduce the carrier tape deformation caused by operation force to ensure a more reliable splicing. Especially for large size carrier tape say 32mm or larger.
   c:High-quality steel spring with good buffer

3、With pressure regulation device。Pressure regulation upon different kinds of  carrier tape。
   a:Reduce the wear of tool and longer its uselife
   b:Reduce the manual operation intensity, more friendly

4、With advanced blade。Sharp balde。Clean-cutting,no jam in feeder,no hurt to hand。

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