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Sticky roll tape

Sticky roll tape

Product Name Sticky roll tape
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Product Description

Product Construction:  

Roller material: PE or ABS

Base material of Sticky Roll:

A:PP:1) with shining and even surface, 2)PP synthetic paper(with circles ),

B:PE coated paper

Adhesive : Acrylic

How to use:

1) Fix it with sticky roller, rolling along surface of dirty subject like brushing the wall, it can quickly get rid of molecule,

 impurities, fibers and other dust. with this process we can enhance The electronics quality and rate of finished goods;

2) Tear off sticky rolls into single sheet, clean dust by hand ;

Key advantages :

1.Free-cutting, increase production efficiency;
2.Various base material (PP, PP synthetic, paper etc);
3.3 kinds adhesion choice (low, middle, super high) to meet different need with over 99% dust cleaning effect ; adverse effect on surface of subjected , inclusion free, tasteless, without residuals after peeling off from the subjected, no ripples.
5.No jointing, neat , no ripples when we use it clean dust;
6.Customized on specification,width,length and adhesion
7.Tear mouth is neat without any waste.

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