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Antistatic wrist band

Antistatic wrist band

Product Name Antistatic wrist band
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3.Main components and material: Antistatic wrist band, 

spring cord, activities snap, protective resistors and grounding clip.

① Antistatic wrist band, material: Silicon Rubber

② spring  cord, material :  PVC   

③ Activities snap, material: Metal

④ Protective   resistor, material: Silicon Rubber

⑤ Grounding clip, material: Metal

4.Production Datas


Expandedlength of wrist band:24cm.

Aperture of wrist strap hole



Length of spring cord

Ultimate tensile length: 240cm
Natural extension length: 70cm

KHJ wrist band advantages

1. 100% quality assurance with essential difference from similarproducts in market.

2.  Perfect ESD performance

3.  Made with 100% genuine silicone rubber

4.  Good after-sale service with our KHJ 15-year remarkable reputation in SMT industry

5.  High cost performance

6.  Easy operation, durable, and high working efficiency with five movable buckles for  easy wearing and taking-off

7.  Dual interface  with both crocodile clip and banana socket designs, applicable in various  circuit connection modes for production table 

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