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Company news about 5S management standard for workshop production site

5S management standard for workshop production site

Latest company news about 5S management standard for workshop production site


I. General standards (commonly used in workshops).




Behavior discipline.
1. Enter and leave the hall of the workshop.
Standard: close the door when entering and leaving the workshop hall, push gently when opening or closing the door, and do not hit violently to avoid damaging the glass door.
2. Walk in the workshop aisle.
Standard: commute into the workshop uniformly walk in the middle of the right aisle, do not play, fast running, more than 2 people can form a formation, consciously walk according to the formation.
3. Private shoe cabinet.
Standard: after changing the shoes, you need to lock the private shoe cabinet, not for convenience, open the shoe cabinet door at will, if the shoe cabinet key falls, you need to register at the security officer, get the spare key to match the lock, and do not break the shoe cabinet lock at will, otherwise, compensation should be made according to the original price.
4. Use of water dispenser.
Standard: when receiving hot water, be careful to be scalded by hot water. There is hot water in the faucet marked with red on the left. After receiving water, gently close the door of the drinking fountain cabinet.
In addition, if there is tea in the water cup, do not pour it into the pool, please pour it into the bucket next to it.
5. The floor of the tea room and shoe changing area is clean.
Standard: snacks and fruit dandruff eaten in the tea room should not be thrown on the ground, but should be concentrated in the dustbin.
6. management of books and periodicals in the tea room.
Standard: after the books on the newspaper shelf have been borrowed, they should be placed neatly on the newspaper shelf and should not be taken out of the tea room.
7. Personal clothing.
Standard: go to work to wear overalls, do not wear shorts, seven-cent trousers into the workshop, do not wear jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, etc., boys can not grow long hair, girls need to tie their hair into the hat, enter the workshop to wear electrostatic clothes, button more than 4 buttons.
8. Homework sitting posture.
Standard: knees naturally close together, legs forward or sideways, do not cross the legs, at least full chairs of 2 big 3, the distance between people at least keep more than 20CM, stools from the yellow line 5cm or so.
9. Factory license.
Standard: the label issued by the company should fill in the above content according to the requirements, the handwriting should be neat, and the department column should uniformly write "Burning overseas Workshop". Do not scribble on it and affix an inch photo of the individual.
When working, you need to hang the label on the right side of your corresponding work instruction, and get it back after work.
10. Stools are placed.
Standard: in the operation, the surface formed by the two feet on the outside of the stool should be parallel to the yellow line, and the distance between the foot and the stool should be maintained around 1CM, not pressing the yellow line.
After work, you need to push the stool into the assembly line and pull the stool close to the lower trachea.
11. Towel cleaning.
Standard: towels need to be thoroughly cleaned with washing powder or detergent after 5S every day, and there should be no obvious stains on the towels after cleaning.
12. Personal belongings management.
Standard: personal belongings should not be brought into the workshop, such as drinking water, snacks, skin care products, etc.
You can't play with your cell phone at work.
13. Management of auxiliary materials issued by the company.
Standard: the accessories issued by the company, such as electrostatic bracelets, electrostatic gloves and electrostatic shoes, should be kept properly and should not be graffiti or damaged at will.
14. Operation process.
Standard: do not talk, laugh or discuss things that have nothing to do with the content of your work during your homework.




Identity management.
1. Material identification.
Standard: identify long 7.5cm, wide 1.5cm, uniformly placed in the card slot on the front of the material box.
2. Marking on the assembly line.
Standard: identification width 1cm, length according to the actual content of the identification, glued to the middle of the positioning line.
3. Ground identification.
Standard: identification width 4.5cm, length according to the actual content of the identification, glued to the middle of the positioning line.
4. Status identification card.
Standard: identify long 9.5cm, wide 8.5cm, clamped on the turnover box to identify the status of the inner plate of the turnover box.
5. Entrance and exit sign.
Standard: identify the diameter 10cm, just above the door lock 5cm, affix "push" plate, affix "pull" plate on the back of the door, the height should be the same.
6. Safety identification of electric cabinet.
Standard: identify long 6cm, high 8cm.
7. Fire extinguisher indication mark.
Standard: identify long 30cm, high 15cm.
8. Smoke purifier equipment stop and operation mark.
Standard: identify long 1.5cm, wide 1cm.
9. Location and identification of flowerpots.
Standard: the disk is uniformly 1cm long, 1cm wide green self-adhesive positioning into a round area, and affixed with logo.



A billboard / Kanban.
1. Station plate.
Standard: dimensions long 20cm, wide 15cm.
2. Wire body tag.
Standard: dimensions long 58cm, wide 35cm.
3. Kanban.
Standard: Kanban in the workshop aisle, highly unified 150cm, length according to the actual number of content, unified PVC board, including black frame, unified Logo and shading background.
4. Test equipment status identification board.
Standard: dimensions long 20cm, wide 15cm





Color management.
1. Yellow.
Standard: the yellow area is used for items to be repaired, turnover cars, turnover boxes, etc.
It can also be used as the sign of the main passageway of the workshop.
2. Red.
Standard: red area is used to locate defective products, trash cans, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, dangerous areas, etc.
II. AI workshop 5S implementation standard.
1. Ground.
Standard: do not drop materials, rubbish, confetti, etc., and keep the floor clean during working hours.
The dead corner area of the workshop should be cleaned regularly (at least once every 3 days), such as fire extinguishers and under shelves.
2. Equipment maintenance.
Standard: the equipment needs to be maintained after work every day, and the surface of the equipment is maintained clean with towels. There is no obvious dust on the hands.
The air conditioners and shelves in the workshop should be maintained at least once every 3 days.
3. Material placement.
Standard: materials need to be placed neatly on the shelf, the height limit is 2 stories, different materials can not be mixed, and there is an accurate material identification, when the shelf is not in use, the curtains need to be drawn.
4. Maintenance area.
Standard: during the maintenance operation, the board on the desktop should not be placed randomly, it should be placed neatly on the L shelf, and the maintenance records should be updated in time. When the maintenance desk is not in use, turn off the power supply of the lights and clean up the rubbish dropped on the ground in the maintenance area in time.
5. Work area.
Standard: earplugs should be taken when working, work should be done in accordance with the instructions, the desktop should be placed neatly, the garbage left by the unpacked box and the board waiting for AI should be separated and not put together.
The electrostatic skin of the desktop is grounded.
6. Spot check list.
Standard: the routine checklist should be checked before starting the operation every morning.
The temperature and humidity point meter is checked at 9: 00 a. M. and 3: 00 p. M. every day, and make a temperature and humidity curve.
7. Arrangement of turnover vehicles in semi-finished products area.
Standard: when not in use, the turnover vehicle should be placed in the designated area, keeping it parallel or symmetrical with the delineated area, not askew, not beyond the planning area or pressing the line.
8. Empty turnover boxes are placed.
Standard: turnover boxes (including empty boxes and in-use turnover boxes) should be placed within the planning area, uniformly aligned with the outer yellow line, with a height limit of 2 floors.
9. Dustbin area.
Standard: the dustbin should be cleaned regularly, the garbage should not fall on the ground, the garbage in the box should not exceed the level of the dustbin, and should be cleaned up in time when the garbage is full.
Towels need to be thoroughly washed once a day after 5S cleaning.
10. Temporary release area of PCB board.
Standard: the board in the temporary storage area is limited to 2 layers high. the unpackaged board can not be placed directly on the carton. It should be put back into the turnover box again and taken out when it is used.
11. Riveting machine area.
Standard: the material in the material box on the desktop should have a clear identification, and the physical object should be consistent with the logo, pay attention to the 5S on the desktop when not working, and non-related items should not appear on the desktop.
12. Loading area.
Standard: the feeding area needs to be cleaned every hour because there are many pins in the feeding area.



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