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Company news about EMC World–tale of the ESD tape

EMC World–tale of the ESD tape

Latest company news about EMC World–tale of the ESD tape

The numbers of these large scale events are amazing. While the most important number is the 15,000+ customers, partners and others who attended – there are some other amazing numbers.


One amazing success this year was the EMC Hands-On-Labs (HoL). Here’s the tale of the tape – the infrastructure behind the scenes, which labs were the most popular, and customer feedback.I want to put out my THANK YOU to the teams behind this – Simon Seagrave most of all who lead and championed the efforts. We took a different take on the HoL this year – teaming up with the VMware Nee team who have built a killer front-end for these sorts of events. Also, for each station, a team from the engineering team of the products represented and EMC SEs were the content champions and manned the labs. It’s a marathon to produce, and then a marathon to support (with a small number of folks wimping out and bailing, just like in a real marathon). Huge thanks to the VMware Nee team and to all of the lab content champions.

With the exception of Lab #3 (ViPR), the labs are immediately going into vLab. The ViPR lab (which was one of the most popular at the event!) will be up soon, but as we’re going through ViPR builds at the speed of light, will wait a little longer as we approach GA.


So – what goes into something this big and awesome? What are the numbers, the tale of the tape? How many miles did I walk at EMC World 2013? Read on….


For those of you that know me/follow this blog – you know that I firmly believe that at technical conferences, with technical audiences – the HoL is hugely important. It’s where all the marketing falls to the wayside, and the rubber hits the road.


Here’s a panoramic view of the EMC World 2013 HoL:And here it is at a lightly loaded time – about 83 people doing labs. At peak, it was packed, and all 300 seats filled.What did customers think? If you’re a vendor doing conferences – look at the feedback. Hold HoLs – the customers love them.


This is my favorite!By the end of the week, the big screen that tallied up the numbers showed that we did 2502 labs, and during that time, created and destroyed 19,711 VMs. Huge – and much more than last year. Still only about half the load of VMworld, but they’ve been doing the HoLs for an extra year – we will


Everyone always wonders about the backend Infrastructure: The backend infrastructure was run out of the EMC Durham, NC data center based on VCE architecture:



96 x Cisco UCS B230 M2 - 2 x Ten-Core Westmere-EX E7-2870 Processors - 512GB RAM

16 x Cisco UCS B22 M3 - 2 x Eight-Core Sandy-Bridge E5-2470 Processors - 96GB RAM

An interesting note: these 16 blades were provided by ESD for the purposes of running the VMAX VSA – more memory efficient for the lab. The VMAX VSA is… shall we say “plump” :-)



8 x XtremIO X-Bricks (for crazy IOps as needed)

4 x VNX7500s (the bulk of stuff)

Here are the labs listed in order of popularity (number of labs completed listed)

1 LAB03 - EMC ViPR: 394

2 LAB01 - SRM Suite: Visualize, Analyze, Optimize: 199

3 LAB23 - VNX Unisphere Analyzer: 194

4 LAB11 - Operational and Disaster Recovery using RecoverPoint: 181

5 LAB22 - VMware vSphere Integration with VNX: 164

6 LAB17 - Introduction to the VMAX Family: 158

7 LAB07 - Easier and Faster VMware Backup and Recovery with EMC Avamar For the Storage Administrator: 142

8 LAB13 - VPLEX Metro with RecoverPoint: 3-site Solution for HighAvailability and Disaster Recovery: 140

9 LAB16 - Performance Analyzer for the VMAX Family: 122

10 LAB14 - Introduction to VMAX Cloud Edition: 99

11 LAB10 - Optimizing Backups for Oracle DBAs with EMC Data Domain and EMC Data Protection Advisor: 93

12 LAB24 - VNX/VNXe Storage Monitoring & Analytics For Your Business Needs: 80

13 LAB15 - Replication for the VMAX Family: 77

14 LAB05 - EMC NetWorker Backup and Recovery for Next Generation Microsoft Environments: 73

15 LAB08 - Automated Backup and Recovery for Your Software Defined Data Center with EMC Avamar: 68

16 LAB20 - EMC Isilon - Enterprise Ready with OneFS 7.0 Enhancements: 65

17 LAB19 - EMC Isilon - Compliance Mode Cluster Setup, Configuration, and Management Simplicity: 62

18 LAB25 - VNX Data Efficiency & Snapshots: 59

19 LAB04 - Atmos Cloud Storage: Mature, Robust and Ready to Rock: 57

20 LAB31 - Deploy and Operate Your Cloud with the VMware vCloud Suite: 56

21 LAB02 - VNX with AppSync: Simple Management, Advanced Protection: 45

22 LAB26 - VNXe Unisphere Administration & Snapshots: 43

23 LAB30 - Discover VMware Horizon Workspace: 39

24 LAB18 - Storage Provisioning and Monitoring with EMC Storage Integrator (ESI 2.1) and Microsoft System Center Operations Manager: 38

25 LAB09 - Taking Backup and Archiving To New Heights with EMC SourceOne and EMC Data Domain: 33

26 LAB12 - Achieving High Availability in SAP environments using VMware ESXi clusters and VPLEX: 31

27 LAB06 - Flexible and Efficient Backup and Recovery for Microsoft SQL Always-On Availability Groups using EMC NetWorker: 27

28 LAB27 - EMC VSPEX Virtualized Infrastructure for End User Computing: 27

29 LAB28 - Collaborative Big Data Analysis with the Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform: 21

30 LAB21 - RSA Cloud Security and Compliance: 16

31 LAB29 - Manage Your vCloud Suite Applications with VMware vFabric Application Director: 13


BTW – another “Tale of the tape”… Have you ever wondered why you feel so tired and spent after one of these conferences? It could be the late nights, and early mornings… Or it could be this:Fred Nix was following me around for chunks of the days – and this was from his pedometer. Total of 53.8mi accounted for. I estimate that I did another 10mi where he wasn’t with me, and he estimates another 10mi what wasn’t captured on thursday. Oh, and I did a couple of morning 5mi runs :-) That’s the equivalent of about 3 marathons :-)

During each day – it was PACKED. Don’t get me wrong, but you end up a little cooked… Here’s one day, picked at random, and names blanked out to protect the innocent. It’s a solid block from 7am onwards.

That all said – I had a BLAST – so many great big ideas, big announcements, and most of all – so many customers, partners, and colleagues packed into a great week!

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