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Company news about Foam pyrolytic film tape

Foam pyrolytic film tape

Latest company news about Foam pyrolytic film tape

Product Features
This tape has adhesive properties at room temperature and can be used for positioning. After processing, it only needs to be heated to 100°C, 120°C, 150°C, or 180°C, and can be easily peeled off in a short amount of time. It is mainly used for positioning cutting of MLCC and MLCI, transfer printing of copper substrate graphene and nanotubes, wafer and grinding positioning, and positioning of various components for circuit board installation, as well as positioning for printing of circular pressure-sensitive resistors.
1. Before applying the tape, please clean the surface of the adhered material from oil, dust, and moisture.
2. Store the tape in a cool place.
3. Do not touch the adhesive surface of the tape directly with your hands during use.
4. If placed in the wrong position, please use a new piece of tape to avoid using the same tape again.
High-temperature release tape, thermal foaming PET single/double-sided tape, foam tape
High-temperature non-adhesive tape, 150℃ high-temperature release tape, cutting protection tape
Thermal release tape, 150℃ foam tape, high-temperature non-adhesive tape
Nanotube transfer high-temperature release tape, graphene transfer high-temperature foam tape
Nanotube transfer, MLCC, MLCI cutting positioning, thermal foaming release/non-adhesive tape
Thermal release (single/double-sided) tape, 120℃ thermal release non-adhesive tape, heated foam release tape
120℃ high-temperature foam tape, thermal release thin film tape, high-temperature non-adhesive foam film tape
High-temperature non-adhesive tape, high-temperature release tape, high-temperature release/non-adhesive foam tape, high-temperature foam tape
180℃ thermal release tape, high-temperature thermal release thin film tape, cutting high-temperature non-adhesive tape.

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