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Company news about how do you get pla to stick to blue tape?

how do you get pla to stick to blue tape?

Latest company news about how do you get pla to stick to blue tape?

To get PLA (Polylactic Acid) filament to stick to blue painter's tape when 3D printing, you can follow these steps:

  1. Clean the Build Surface: Ensure that the build surface (the blue painter's tape) is clean and free of any dust, debris, or residue from previous prints. You can use isopropyl alcohol or a similar cleaning solution to wipe the surface and remove any contaminants.

  2. Proper Bed Leveling: Ensure that your 3D printer's bed is correctly leveled. An uneven bed can lead to poor adhesion and print quality. Use your printer's manual or leveling assistance features to make sure the bed is level.

  3. Heat the Build Plate: PLA generally adheres well to a heated build plate. Set the build plate temperature to the recommended temperature for PLA, which is typically between 50°C to 70°C (122°F to 158°F). Some 3D printer manufacturers may recommend slightly different temperatures, so consult your printer's documentation.

  4. Apply Blue Painter's Tape: Apply blue painter's tape to the heated build plate. Make sure it's applied smoothly without wrinkles or bubbles. Press down firmly to ensure good contact between the tape and the build surface.

  5. Use an Adhesion Aid (Optional): If you're still having trouble with adhesion, you can try using an adhesion aid such as a thin layer of glue stick or hairspray on top of the blue tape. This can provide an extra layer of adhesion for PLA. Make sure not to overapply, as too much adhesive can lead to other issues.

  6. Adjust the First Layer Settings: In your 3D printing software (e.g., Cura, PrusaSlicer, Simplify3D), adjust the first layer settings to ensure good adhesion. You may want to increase the first layer print speed slightly and decrease the layer height. These adjustments can help the first layer adhere well to the tape.

  7. Ensure Proper Bed and Nozzle Temperatures: Make sure your printer's nozzle temperature is set correctly for PLA, typically between 190°C to 220°C (374°F to 428°F). Using the correct nozzle temperature is essential for proper adhesion and print quality.

  8. Print Slowly for the First Layer: Slow down the print speed for the first layer to allow the filament to adhere properly to the tape. A slower first layer speed improves adhesion.

  9. Raft or Brim (Optional): If you're still experiencing adhesion issues, you can try adding a raft or a brim in your slicer settings. These features create additional material around the first layer to improve adhesion. A brim is often sufficient and uses less material.

  10. Monitor the Print: Keep an eye on the first few layers of your print to ensure that the PLA is adhering well to the blue tape. If you notice any issues, such as poor adhesion or warping, you may need to adjust settings further.

By following these steps and making necessary adjustments, you should be able to achieve good adhesion between PLA filament and blue painter's tape when 3D printing. Remember that the quality and brand of the blue painter's tape can also affect adhesion, so you may want to experiment with different types if you encounter persistent issues.

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