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Company news about Matters needing attention when using KHJ tape

Matters needing attention when using KHJ tape

Latest company news about Matters needing attention when using KHJ tape

KHJ tape, as a common adhesive consumable, is relatively widely used in daily applications, such as offices and industrial factories. When using this imported tape, we need to pay attention to energy efficiency and safety matters. The following is a list of uses Some points to note about KHJ tape:


1. Only suitable is not more expensive. Among several kinds of tapes, such as transparent tape, insulating tape, heat-resistant tape, double-sided tape, etc., we need to choose the appropriate type according to our own needs to achieve the effect we want.

2. When using Qianke Hongjian Tape, we need to ensure that the surface of our adherend is clean and avoid dust and oil, which will affect our use effect, especially for some high-precision components, it is not allowed to have residual glue existing.

3. Each KHJ tape will be equipped with an instruction manual. It is very important to follow the instructions. If excessive stretching will cause the tape to break or the bonding effect is not good,

4. In principle, KHJ adhesive tape is elastic, but if the environment has too much influence during use, it will affect the use, so we should gently pull and stick it when operating.


5. The temperature resistance of each tape has a limit. If it exceeds its peak value, it will lose its viscosity and warp and deform, which means that the use effect will be reduced or it will not meet the requirements of our SMT process. So it's important to avoid exposing the tape to extreme temperatures.

6. There are requirements for the storage environment of KHJ tape. One needs a dry and cool place, and the other is to avoid direct sunlight; to prevent the tape from getting damp and degumming.

7. KHJ tape is flammable. During use, non-professional operators need to stay away from fire and avoid direct contact between the tape and human skin. Try not to bite the tape with your mouth. It is recommended to use tools to cut it.


All in all, you need to pay attention to potential safety hazards during use, protect your own health, and standardize operations. You need to be proficient in operation.

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