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Company news about polyimide tape vs kapton tape?

polyimide tape vs kapton tape?


Latest company news about polyimide tape vs kapton tape?

Polyimide tape and Kapton tape are the same thing. Kapton is actually a brand name for a type of polyimide film manufactured by DuPont. Over time, the name "Kapton tape" became synonymous with polyimide tape, just like how people commonly use the term "Xerox" to refer to photocopying, even though Xerox is a specific brand.

In summary, there is no real difference between polyimide tape and Kapton tape. They are both made from polyimide film, possess similar properties like high-temperature resistance and electrical insulation, and are used for the same applications in various industries. The only distinction is that "Kapton tape" is a specific brand name for polyimide tape, while "polyimide tape" is the more general term used to describe this type of adhesive tape.

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