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Company news about SMT splicing - tapes, tools and knowledge

SMT splicing - tapes, tools and knowledge

Latest company news about SMT splicing - tapes, tools and knowledge

ATOO offers SMT splicing tapes and tools for all surface mount applications and pick and place machine brands. We have several years of experience and satisfied customer in 25 countries. Let us help you to a better splicing process. Our wide range of products are compatible with Universal, Siemens, Panasonic, Juki, Fuji, Sony, Europlacer, Assembleon, Mydata, I-pulse, Tenryu, Yamaha, Dima, Philips and most other brands.


Reasons for splicing

SMT splicing can be divided into two categories, each one having it's own preferred processes and splice products.


High volume, low mix


To join a new reel to the reel that is running out in the SMT machine, to avoid downtime and to increase efficiency. This is common at high

volume production.


Low volume - high mix


In order to increase utilization and reduce component wastage, where you have parts of the component reels or already started reels. A common scenario for prototyping and low to medium production batches.


We have more than 400 part number of SMT splicing products and can make custom designs. ATOO is the leading expert in SMT Splicing.

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