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Company news about Technologies used in the SMT process

Technologies used in the SMT process

Latest company news about Technologies used in the SMT process

Common technologies include:
Design technology: Design technology is the foundation of the entire SMT chip processing. This technology is mainly used for the selection and layout of SMT components, full panel design, printed circuit board (PCB design and manufacturing, etc.).
2. Welding technology: Another key technology in SMT chip processing is welding. This technology includes two methods: surface mount and plugin. In SMT chip processing, surface mounting is the main welding method, which involves hot air soldering, infrared soldering, wave soldering, manual soldering, and lead-free soldering.
3. Placement technology: In SMT chip processing, component placement and wiring are very important technologies. At this stage, automatic shearing and component placement robots are used for component placement, as well as machine processing code for wiring.
4. Testing technology: Regular and strict testing is required during the SMT chip processing process to ensure the quality and stability of components. Mainly including microscope inspection, X-ray inspection, AOIAutomatOpticInspection, and SMT chip processing and production process. And ICTIn Circuit Test testing. In summary, SMT chip processing involves a wide range of technologies, requiring manufacturers to proficiently master various aspects of technology.

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