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Company news about Tips About Splice Tape For Web Offset Printing

Tips About Splice Tape For Web Offset Printing

Latest company news about Tips About Splice Tape For Web Offset Printing

I want to share a few tips on splice tape that we have learned recently. Above is a splice that we normally set for our flying paster, or splicer as many call it. Some presses use zero speed splicers and a couple of the points here can be applicable. The main point though is that splice tape must be as sticky as possible.


Below I describe our problem, but I would suggest you familiarize yourself with what aflying paster is if you do not have one. Or watch this video of ours.


The problem that we have had over the colder months is that splice tape is not as effective on cold rolls. We miss splices because the tape doesn't stick as well to the cold paper. To stick at high speeds with low temperatures places high demands on the tape. High speed video revealed that the paper just wasn't sticking properly from the expiring roll to the new one. Megtec themselves admit this problem. Therefore we found ourselves missing about 1 in 10 splices. I visited several web presses over the fall in Europe and found they had the same problems. Therefore here is what we did.


Used a Core Heater


We do not have the luxury of storing our paper for a week or more in a nice warm, cozy factory. Often our paper comes by truck and the paper is stone cold. Generally when our rolls get below 17 degrees, we start missing splices.


Therefore we purchased a roll core heater. About $1000 later we had a device that could do the trick. Much like a simple blow dryer, it would blow hot hair through the core. However we didn't always have the luxury of time to heat the core up enough. So we tried something else.

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