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Company news about uv curable dicing tape

uv curable dicing tape

Latest company news about uv curable dicing tape

UV curable dicing tape is a special kind of tape, which can be cured under ultraviolet radiation to achieve the effect of cutting.
Because it is sensitive to ultraviolet rays, it is afraid of light.



uv curable dicing tape
Our usual storage environment should avoid direct sunlight and keep the environment of ventilation, dryness and low temperature, so as to avoid damp deterioration of UV UV curing cutting tape.

In the future, with the development of science and technology, UV UV curing cutting tape will have more applications, more popular, more safe and reliable.

uv curable dicing tape
At the same time, there will be more new UV UV curing cutting tape, which is more environmentally friendly, safer and more convenient.

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