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Company news about Wiping paper classification

Wiping paper classification

Wiping paper classification

I received an inquiry from a customer today. She said she needed B-ultrasound wipes. I knew right away that she was looking for the wrong wipes because our wipes are not used here. In order to avoid finding the wrong wiper paper manufacturer, let’s sort out the wipers below. Classification. Wiping paper is a multifunctional product that can be used in a variety of scenarios.


Home use:

Cleaning household surfaces: Used to wipe tables, chairs, cabinets and other furniture surfaces to remove dust and stains.

Clean the kitchen and bathroom: Wipe countertops, sinks, kitchen utensils, toilets and other surfaces to remove food debris, oil and dirt.

Wipe Glass and Mirrors: Use to clean windows, mirrors and glass furniture to remove water stains, fingerprints and dirt.

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business use:

Catering industry: used to clean tabletops, tableware and kitchen equipment to maintain restaurant hygiene.

Hotels and B&Bs: Clean guest rooms and public areas, mopping furniture, floors and restroom facilities.

Shops and Supermarkets: Used to clean shelves, checkout counters, glass windows and merchandise display areas.


Industrial applications:

Factories and production lines: Clean equipment, workbenches and production lines to remove oil, paint and other dirt.

Vehicle Maintenance: Wipe down surfaces of cars, trucks and motor vehicles to remove dust, mud and dirt.

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Medical and Hygiene Uses:

Hospitals and Clinics: Used to wipe down medical equipment, operating tables, workbenches and floors to keep them clean and disinfected.

Nursing and aged care facilities: Clean patient rooms, linens, medical equipment and restrooms to provide a safe environment.


Beauty and personal care uses:

Beauty salons and hair salons: Used to wipe down beauty equipment, work surfaces and restrooms to maintain hygiene.

Personal Care: Cleansing skin, cosmetics, shower and toilet.


Special scene use:

Motorboats and ships: Clean hull surfaces, cabin equipment and bulkheads to remove seawater residue and dirt.

Aviation industry: used to wipe aircraft cabin equipment, seats and glass windows to keep the aircraft clean.

The wide application of wipes makes them an indispensable cleaning product in daily life and work.