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Company news about Lamination Thermal Buffer Tape

Lamination Thermal Buffer Tape

Latest company news about Lamination Thermal Buffer Tape

When we process the circuit, we will use high-temperature soldering iron devices to press the components. At this time, we will use our thermally conductive buffer tape, so how to choose the thermally conductive tape?


The first point, as the name suggests, thermally conductive tape can have good thermal conductivity and good cushioning effect. In this process, we need to use PI silicone composite material and tape with good flexibility.


The second point is their temperature resistance. Normally, the common welding temperature is around 150°C. In some special cases, their temperature needs to reach 400°C. In this way, we need to choose the temperature according to our own use. , after all, the price of the product with higher temperature is naturally different.



The third point is that our press-fit buffer tape also needs to have an anti-static effect. Since we are operating in ESD, electronic components are most afraid of static electricity. It is possible that the life of the products we just made is not well protected against static electricity, so Their lifespan has been cut by half.

All in all, anti-static needs to be double-sided, and then the impedance needs to be 10 to the 5-9th power ohm to be normal. If our products are relatively high-end, we can use PI-based tapes, which can better protect our components from being damaged. damage.

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