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Company news about Tape toolsSMT splicing tool

Tape toolsSMT splicing tool


Latest company news about Tape toolsSMT splicing tool

The splicing belt is a kind of equipment used to transport materials. Its specifications can be determined according to actual needs, and generally have parameters such as width, length, and thickness.

Tape tools

The splicing belt machine is mainly used to transport materials from one place to another; the splicing pulley is mainly used to support the splicing belt so that it can run normally; the splicing belt drive shaft is mainly used to transmit power to the splicing belt bring;


SMT splice tape


The splice belt bracket is mainly used to fix the splice belt so that it can operate normally.


SMT splice tape

SMT splicing tool

The materials used in the production of the splice belt mainly include rubber, plastic, metal, etc. Among them, the rubber splice belt has the characteristics of wear resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and high temperature resistance, and the plastic splice belt has corrosion resistance, impact resistance, oil resistance, and heat resistance. High temperature and other characteristics, the metal splicing belt has the characteristics of wear resistance, impact resistance and high temperature resistance.

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