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Company news about What is PET high temperature tape

What is PET high temperature tape

Latest company news about What is PET high temperature tape

Green PET high temperature tape (green film) is a kind of high-temperature-resistant tape that is cheaper than PI tape. It has good physical and chemical properties. It is mainly used in the electronics industry, electrical appliances, transportation vehicles, and aerospace industries. As well as semiconductor industry operations, such as solar energy, ceramics, food processing, etc., it can be said that its application range is relatively wide.

PET tape

Its main features are:
1. Green PET uses pressure-sensitive adhesive as the main adhesive. It will not release harmful substances. It is made of environmentally friendly materials. It usually has a temperature resistance of 200°C, and it can resist oil well within this temperature. Corrosion resistance, waterproof, etc.;

2. It has low requirements on the medium, and usually many materials can be easily bonded, such as metal, stainless steel plate, plastic parts, rubber, etc., and it has good peelability, and it adopts a relatively smooth surface treatment without fluffing Or fork to protect the surface to be glued.

3. The green PET silicone pressure-sensitive tape has good processing characteristics. We can cut it into different shapes by machine, and can also cut it into small rolls of various specifications. Green PET tape has good stability. It can be said that it will not be affected by the environment, and its parameters and viscosity are relatively stable.

Green PET tape (green film) is not as high as gold finger tape in terms of temperature resistance. The temperature resistance of polyimide can reach 290°C, while PET tape can only reach 200°C, but users with lower temperatures can choose PET tape is fine, because it can save costs to a large extent. This is the reason why the so-called killing a chicken with a sledgehammer is just like this.

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