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polymide tape

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: khj

Certification: TDS

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 10

Price: 38USD/1pcs

Delivery Time: 7 day

Payment Terms: D/P, D/A, L/C

Supply Ability: 100000

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Product Details
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Product Description

Part I Product and Company Identification

polymide tape

IH852 E1-IH803 produced at SHENZHEN KHJ TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD is named and located at KHJ industrial Park Building 1 Chuangxin Industrial Park of Xintian district.

Community Guanlan of Longhua New District in Shenzhen China) can contact (86)755- 28102935 in order to identify data regarding its composition (CAS #, Content (%) of silicone adhesive trade secret, Pi No's from 73 to 75 and Others being no higher than 1.5 for further safety considerations and hazards assessment purposes. - Hazard Class & Summarizing- Non Dangerous Article.

polymide tape
Invasion Methods: Inhalation,Ingestion and Eye/skin Touch Whilst Proper use and storage will not generate toxic gases that emit unpleasant odors when inhaled; any chemical gas released from burning should be immediately exhaled, otherwise seek medical advice if feeling sickly.
Eye/skin contact : Clean the area thoroughly using soapy water before laundering contaminated clothing or taking other steps such as removal and laundering; seek medical assistance immediately if irritation develops or persists; for ingestion use an emetic and contact a medical provider immediately ; no environmental risks occur


Eye/Skin Touch:No Effect Absorption :Product is Solid
Ingestion :Retort with Emetic Inducement immediately and see your physician immediately (Emetics may result). Doctor Notes :Doesn't Require Special Protection.


Harmful Combustion Products Carbons :Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide.
Fire Extinguishing Agent :Dry Powder/carbon Dioxide Foam. Burning Touch Damage:None unusual fire/explosion hazards were detected; Protection equipment:Wearing Full Bunker Gear with SCBA for protection purposes was required for safe operations.



polymide tape


Part 6 - Leakage Emergency Treatment/ Solutionssolid, without leakage


Part 7 : How to operate and store
Avoid skin contact with hot objects when possible and store in dry, shaded environments to minimize sun glare.

Maximum Allowable Concentrations for Solid Products are Nonapplicable
Respiratory System Protection does not need special protection; Eye and Body protection do not necessitate special precaution. In any other regard no special safeguarding measures need to be put in place either


Physicochemical Features


Properties: Solid roll material
Color: Amber
Smell : No special smell
PH Value: Not Application
Melting Point (C): Not Application
Boiling Point (C): Not Application
Autoignition property : Not Application
Flash Point (C): Not Application
Ignite Temperature (C): Not Application
Explode Limit: Not Application
Dissolubility: Not Application
Other Physicochemical Features : No Special Notice


Part 10 Stability and Reactivity, for the purposes of Part 11 is as follows. Assume stability : Stable; Conditions to Avoid are:Open fire, high temperature environments that easily cause burning; Aggregation Hazard is Non; Decay Products are Carbon Monoxide/Carbon Dioxide emissions.



Part 11 Toxicology Data Toxin Level = N/A Sensitization =N/A
Carcinogenicity =N/APart 12 Ecology Data Toxicity Level is Non Available
Biodegradation Property = Non Availabable Organism Accumulate Property= - Non Biodegradation property= No data available

Waste Property : Natural degradation WTP Methodology : Dispose in accordance with Federal, state and provincial regulations

Part 14 Transport Information. A non hazardous product would fall within Class of Risk; No Dangerous Goods Data Available and Packing Mark not present, therefore not needing special packaging methods or methods of shipment.

Applicative Rule: ISO14001