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Kapton Silicone Adhesive Tape
  • Kapton Silicone Adhesive Tape
  • Kapton Silicone Adhesive Tape
  • Kapton Silicone Adhesive Tape

Kapton Silicone Adhesive Tape

Place of Origin China
Brand Name khj
Certification TDS
Product Details
Product Description



Composition CAS NO. Content (%)
silicone adhesive Trade secret 23.5-25.5
PI NO 73-75
Others NO <1.5


Hazards Summarizing

Hazards Summarizing [Non-Dangerous Article] By inhalation, ingestion and eye/skin contact
Stable storage should also be ensured to safeguard against exposure of chemical gases during burning activities and any discomfort from their inhalation; seek medical help if you develop symptoms like swelling of eyes/skin contact; wash with soap water prior to any eye/skin touch and remove clothing contaminated by exposure before laundering (if contaminated clothing persists, seek medical advice if irritation develops or persists).
Symptoms: Vomiting and see a physician immediately are symptoms to look out for when consumed; environmental hazards: No adverse affect is apparent from this material.

kapton silicone adhesive tape


First Aid Measures

Eye/Skin Touch :No effect

Absorption :Product is solid.

Ingestion : Emetic and go to a doctor immediately.

Doctor Notice : Do not need special protection.



Fire Protection

Harmful Combustion Product Carbon :Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide.

Fire Extinguishing Agent:Dry powder/carbon dioxide foam.

Burning Touch Damage :No unusual fire and explode hazard.

Protection equipment :Wearing full set of bunker gear and SCBA.



Physicochemical Features



Properties: Solid roll material
Color: Amber
Smell : No special smell
PH Value: Not Application
Melting Point (C): Not Application
Boiling Point (C): Not Application
Autoignition property : Not Application
Flash Point (C): Not Application
Ignite Temperature (C): Not Application
Explode Limit: Not Application
Dissolubility: Not Application
Other Physicochemical Features : No Special Notice


kapton silicone adhesive tape

Stability and Reactivity. [Page 4 of 14] Within this package are various materials which have the following stability properties and reactive capabilities. Stability (stable). (Improvements to make further). In particular the following should be avoided: Open Fire; High Temperature, and Easy Burn. Aggregation Hazard is Non, while Decay Products include Carbon Monoxide / CO 2 production by decay products from decay product release). (See Related Links below].]



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