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kapton silicone adhesive tape
  • kapton silicone adhesive tape
  • kapton silicone adhesive tape
  • kapton silicone adhesive tape

kapton silicone adhesive tape

Place of Origin China
Brand Name khj
Certification TDS
Model Number KD80
Product Details
Product Description

KD803 is a polyimide film-backed kapton silicone adhesive tape featuring excellent heat resistance and low static discharge properties.


kapton silicone adhesive tape



Low electrostatic discharge at unwind and removal.

Remarkably resistant to high temperature exposure up to 280 for 10 minutes.

Excellent Tensile Strength and Elongation characteristics.


RoHS Compliantrov Mask for printed circuit boards during wave solder and solder dip processes,

masking contacts during spray painting, powder coating & solder coating processes as well as bundling of transformers,

motors, batteries & electronic components for easy transport and bundling for transporting purposes.




Item Typical Value Test Method
Imperial Metric
Backing 1.0mil 0.025mm /
Total Thickness 2.2mil 0.055±0.005mm /
Tack / ≥26(J.DOW/#) /
Adhesion to Steel 0.91~1.37lbs/in 4~6N/25mm GBT 2792-2014
Tensile Strength ≥20lbs/in ≥3.5 (KN/M) GBT 30776-2014
Elongation ≥45% ≥45% GBT 30776-2014
Surface Resistance 105~10ohms 105~10ohms /
Static Discharge (Removal from roll) <100V <100V /
Maximum Operating Temperature 536℉ 280℃ /



Storage Conditions for Initial Inventory Storage Conditions 10-30 and 40-70% relative humidity for 12 month shelf life when stored initially as intended.

Packing should always take place on surfaces which are clean, dry and free from dust, oil or any other contaminants; when applying this material with roller, hand or press pressure the proper pressure should be used; repeated sticking should be avoided to maintain adhesion levels and not decrease them further.


Please be aware that this technical data sheet has been written based on our own laboratory testing and experience alone, and customers must determine for themselves if the product fits with their intended application requirements before being approved for use.

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