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capcom tape

Place of Origin China
Brand Name khj
Certification TDS
Model Number IH899M
Product Details
Product Description

IH899 is double-stretched Polyimide film as coated acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. Which has low viscosity and good high temperature resistance. And covered with blue release film for easy die-cutting and forming.

 capcom tape

Low adhesion, excellent heat resistance performance and ROHS compliance make these protective films ideal for surface protection of flat materials such as FPC during high-temperature processing or as temporary coverings.


Test Item Test Value Test Method
Backing thickness(mm) 0.025±0.003 Micrometer
Total thickness(mm) (Without Release liner) 0.042+0.003/-0.002 Micrometer
Color Amber /


Peeling Strength (gf/25mm)

40-70 GBT 2792-2014
三180 (High temperature climb peel force) GBT 2792-2014


Maximum use temperature (C)



Using condition :200C /2H for steel plate &FPC ,no residue and no wrinkle after cooling



 capcom tape


Storage Conditions, Temperature Range & Humidity Range For optimal conditions for storage: 10-30C and relative humidity 40-70% with direct sunlight avoided at times (above 40C & 75%RH), 6 months storage duration with recommended precautions as set out above; be kept away from heat sources such as fireplaces & radiators etc

Ling: To maintain optimal conditions, objects should have surfaces which are clean, dry, and free from oil or any other source of pollution;
Ling In order for pressure-sensitive adhesives to adhere correctly, sufficient pressure must be applied when pressing; otherwise it could have detrimental effects on the characteristics and aesthetics of the final product.


Ling cannot be used outdoors due to exposure to outdoor weather and may leave adhesive residue when removed from its substrate surface.
Notes:The data listed is measured against laboratory standards; actual user usage conditions and methods could alter these measurements significantly, so it is recommended to test any product before use.


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